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August 31, 2016
Berlin Guide

Good Morning! Today’s post is not just about one restaurant. I’ve been to Berlin recently, and it wasn‘t my first time there. I know a lot of good and worthy places. Below, you will find places to eat and also what to see. Firstly, food! For breakfast in the city, my most favourite place is Spreegold. They have 3 locations in Berlin, which is good. It’s close wherever you are. And it’s not only good for breakfast, they serve lunche and dinner as well. But the breakfast is really perfect. So many very tasty dishes. Highly recommended! The whole menu…


August 19, 2016

Good afternoon guys! Finally, here is a post about our Milan trip. We arrived there on Tuesday evening, perhaps  in the night. Because we missed our train, we got to the hotel about 11 pm. But you know this from my latest article. Well, let me start at Wednesday morning. Because we hadn’t much time in Venice we were exploring all day and were very active. So on Wednesday we were quite tired. We decided to just go for a little walk and do some shopping. Our hotel was just 10 minutes walk from the main square Piazza Duomo. There’s an…


August 11, 2016

Good morning guys! As I told you, I am spending this week in Italy with my boyfriend. So far, we have spent two days in Venice and right now we are already in Milan. But this post will just be about our Venice adventure, and I’ve decided to write it like a diary. So here are the two parts from both days! Enjoy the reading and I hope it will give you some good tips! DAY 1 As I speak, it’s Monday evening and I am thinking about gorgeous and totally full day. Our flight was scheduled very early in…


March 14, 2016
Winter holidays

Hi guys! From my first holiday this year! I am with my family in Passo del Tonale in Italy. It’s a beautiful and very popular mountain destination. We have been coming here every year since I was a little child (eighteen years now). When I was younger we used to spend more than one week a year here. Because of this, this town has a place in my heart. Unfortunately, with the way time goes, there was more work and more problems in Prague, so we had to reduce our holidays here. But, because I have know this place for…