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August 19, 2018

Prázdniny v Říme, podle Audrey Hepburn. A nebo ne? Vzhledem k tomu, že jsem už šíleně dlouho nepřidala žádný článek, napadlo mě, že pár slov o tom, jak se mi líbilo v Římě by nemuselo být špatné. Nechci se nijak vracet k tomu, proč už nepřidávám články, jen vám řeknu, že už mě přestalo bavit fotit padesát fotek v outfitu, a pak napsat co mám teda na sobě. Když se mi bude chtít a budu mít nějaké lepší nápady o čem psát, určitě sem občas něco přistane. Dneska se chci trošku rozepsat o tom, jak se mi v Římě líbilo, co si o městě myslím…


October 5, 2017

Hey guys! It`s time to move back to summer! At least for a while, a slightly forgotten post from my summer vacation in Mallorca. I miss the beautiful summer weather sooo much! This September is so cold and rainy in Prague . But whatever, we`re back in summer now. At the end of August I went to Mallorca with my boyfriend. We chose Mallorca, well I chose, haha, because I love Spain. In my opinion it`s one of two best locations for summer holidays in Europe. The other one is Italy. I hadn’t been to Mallorca for a few years…


July 8, 2017

Good morning my dear readers! Last week I was in Vienna. Me and my friend Tereza spent 3 days there. The first two days we were just strolling around the city, doing some shopping and just enjoying the time. Vienna is such a wonderful place. Every building, street, park… it`s so beautiful! We didn’t use any of the city transport so we walked about 40 000 steps (My friend has a pedometer in her iphone), it sounds so crazy! But of course some of those steps were in shops because it won`t be me without shopping. Especially when I found…


January 14, 2017
Canada & USA

Good morning everyone! So, it`s January obviously. Well, I know I planned to write an article on the last day of 2016 and also did I. But when I finished and read it, I didn’t feel so good about it. I mean, it was about nothing. I don`t want to say it was a bad year (it wasn’t at all!) but it wasn’t exactly an extra special year. But simply, something told to me to not make it public. If you follow my Instagram, you know everything. 2017 means so much for me. There is going to be a huge step…


September 20, 2016

Good morning guys! Let me tell you everything about our holiday in Marbella, Spain. Our journey started on Saturday 17th. You probably saw on my snapchat that we flew through Frankfurt and through Zurich on the way back. If you’re asking why, the answer is easy. It was cheap. We paid about 445 Euros for all the tickets, which is 112 Euros for one way. It’s true that the distance between Prague and Malaga isn’t that long, but with these stops, we travelled for almost 7 hours. But I didn’t mind. It wasn’t so bad, and I was like, oh…