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August 31, 2016
Berlin Guide

Good Morning! Today’s post is not just about one restaurant. I’ve been to Berlin recently, and it wasn‘t my first time there. I know a lot of good and worthy places. Below, you will find places to eat and also what to see. Firstly, food! For breakfast in the city, my most favourite place is Spreegold. They have 3 locations in Berlin, which is good. It’s close wherever you are. And it’s not only good for breakfast, they serve lunche and dinner as well. But the breakfast is really perfect. So many very tasty dishes. Highly recommended! The whole menu…

TGI Friday’s

August 5, 2016

Hello! Today’s review is about a very cool restaurant. It’s called TGI Friday’s, which is an abbreviation of “Thank God it’s Friday”- a famous American phrase. A global restaurant created in New York. It’s very American and has a special interior design of red and white stripes, red leather chairs, antique decor, etc… It’s not a place where you would go for a salad or something extra healthy. Because it’s a typical American place, the menu includes many burgers, meats, some fish and a little bit of Mexican food. I would say it’s a combination of American and Mexican cuisine….


July 5, 2016
Grosseto Marina

Good morning! I have a new review here about another favourite restaurant of mine in Prague. It’s called “Marina Grosseto ristorante” and it’s situated in a huge boat next to the Manes Bridge. As the name says, it’s an Italian restaurant. So they make perfect pizzas, pasta and salad. But they also do fish, some of the best sea food and extremely good meat. Every dish you order is a good choice! And if you’re hungry, order a starter, main dish, dessert and maybe even more, because their portion sizes are very very small! Literally, you can see it in my photos….


June 5, 2016

Hi babes! I have a new review for you. It’s about quite a popular restaurant in Prague. It’s called Pizza Coloseum. As the name says, it’s a pizzeria. A normal Italian restaurant. The main dishes they serve are pizza and pasta. And they do it well! But more about that later. It’s a very common restaurant in my city, I think they have about 9 restaurants in Prague and 12 throughout the Czech Republic. It’s always a big restaurant with two parts, nonsmoking and smoking. Sometimes there’s an outdoor seating area. And even though there are always a lot of…


May 5, 2016
Cafe Cafe Prague

Hello loves! I’ve decided to write Food Guide articles once a month. I’ve already done these guides, at random times, and I want to make a regular schedule for them. So, every month on the 5th you can expect a new restaurant review. “Food guide on 5th” :). May’s review is going to be about a restaurant in Prague called Cafe~Cafe. It’s my most favourite place in the whole city. It’s quite a small cafe, at the end of Wenceslas Square. The interior is, well, I don’t know exactly what to call it, but for me it seems to be…