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June 8, 2017

Hey loves! I warmly welcome you to this „new“ site. Of course it`s not new but it has been through some changes. Well, as you can see, a lot of changes! I know it took a while until it was done but in my opinion it`s totally worth it! I`ve been dreaming about a different design for so long but as I`m not clever with this IT stuff I had to wait until some miracle knocked on my door. And it happened few months ago. I can`t explain how happy I really am!!! Sometimes you have to make bad decisions…


April 19, 2017

Hello guys! I am a horrible blogger and I know it, hah. I don`t want to justify again why I haven`t been active so I`ll just skip this part. It`s just my upcoming exams and uni, boyfriend abroad… Just a lot of stuff now! I hope you all enjoyed the Easter holidays even if it was rainy and cold! Back to the days when the sun was out I wore this pretty black, white and red combo. To classic black skinny jeans I added a white n` black bardot top with pretty frill sleeves. And a red coat, also with…


March 7, 2017
Fluffy cap

Hey guys! Hope you had a nice Tuesday because now it`s time for a new outfit post! It`s a little throw back to when the temperature outside was under zero. I totally forgot about these photos. Even I really like them though! Camel and black are my very favourite colours and when you put them together, it`s insane. I don’t think that the camel colours which you`re wearing have to be exactly the same shade but for my happiness, I don’t know how, the cap matches the coat perfectly. From the title, it`s clear what`s the main thing in my outfit today,…


February 21, 2017
Comfy weekend

Hello babes! Here today I have another outfit post! But as usual I have to tell you a little bit about my weekend. I visited my very close friend Simona. We were mainly relaxing, she did my nails which you might have seen on Instagram or Snapachat. A very handy girl I would say. And at the evening we went to a very pretty restaurant, near her place and had a yummy dinner! On Sunday I was in a lazy mood and because I wanted to wear something comfy, I put on my new sweater with huge, frill sleeves which…


February 15, 2017
Puma basket in berlin

Hi loves! Today I am here with the new outfit post. Finally, heh!I had holidays at school last week and I`ve spent it in Berlin with my boyfriend who lives there now. The constant traveling in between Prague and Berlin is here. I`ve never ever thought I would be in a long distance relationship. Well, I always was so against this. I felt like I wouldn’t be able to stand the distance but as it`s said, love changes everything. It`s more than a half of the year until we became a couple and three months of this half year we haven`t…